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The Different Kinds of Wireless Door Buzzer

06/07/2012 13:08

Technology has offered us a lot of comfort and ease of living. Few years back, you need to find a wood to be able to cook rice. Today, a rice cooker does it all for you. Before, you need to install complicated wirings before you can use your door buzzer. Today, a wireless door buzzer somehow changes this. This is a type of door buzzer that doesn’t need any electrical wiring. Moreover, people liked wireless door buzzer more because they look simpler and uncomplicated.

If you think that a wireless door buzzer is what you need, you may want to know its different kinds. Like any other things, it is best to know the different kinds and designs of a certain product you are planning to buy because then, you will have higher chance of choosing the best. Below are some of the most common types of wireless door buzzer you may want to purchase.

• Doorbells that make sounds when the door opens. This is perfect for offices. Of course, you don’t want your business partners or clients to keep press down the door buzzer. However, because you sometime get lost with your work, you should need a buzzer that will remind you that you got a visitor.

• Doorbell with intercom. This is perfect for home owners or apartment owners. If someone walks through your home, he/she will need to press the buzzer. You will then be informed and you can ask through the intercom the name of your guest. That way, you can avoid people you don’t want to see.

• Doorbell with camera. This doorbell may be quite expensive but they are the best choice for people who want to hide from certain people. When the buzzer is press, you will see who’s waiting for you outside. If you don’t like to entertain the person, you can just ignore it. The good thing with these door buzzers is the fact that your guest – whether unwanted or not will never know if you are home or not, unless you let them in of course.

The above mentioned door buzzers are the common type of buzzers. Knowing them will surely increase your chance of getting a good purchase.