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Easy Wireless Doorbell Troubleshooting

11/17/2015 01:09

Wireless doorbell troubleshooting

It may not be as challenging as you think! Because they do not require any wires for installation, wireless doorbells can pretty much go anywhere you want, to alert you of a visitor. The button uses a small battery in order to send a signal when it is pressed, and the doorbell itself requires batteries to receive the signal and to emit the chiming tones.

Even though wireless doorbells may be less difficult to install than their traditional counterparts, they still have their own set of challenges that can cause them to not work properly. There are, however, steps you can take to troubleshoot your wireless doorbell to keep them in optimal working condition.

If your doorbell is chiming on it's own, changing the security code may help. Did you know that a wireless doorbell that is produced by the same company that is installed in your next door neighbor’s home could actually activate your wireless doorbell chime?

Moisture inside your doorbell button can activate chiming, so remove the button with a screwdriver to gain access to the circuit board. Gently dry the inside of the button with a paper towel to see if this stops errant chiming.

Double check that the security codes on both the push button and the wireless doorbell each match. If one code was changed by accident, the transmitter will not signal the wireless doorbell to chime.

Make sure that the batteries inside the press button and the doorbell are fresh. If the batteries are not fresh, the button and doorbell will not have the needed power in order to chime. Old, worn-out batteries may also corrode the doorbell connections and potentially damage the unit.

Check the installation location of your door chime and the button. Installing either unit to a metal surface may interfere with the receiver and the transmitter. Concrete surfaces may also interfere with signals. To improve reception, install your doorbell and the press button on pieces of wood for better performance. 


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